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Add auto-complete in the url input textbox in order to help user more easily to find the url they want to enter


(Firefox :: Preferences, enhancement, P3)





(Reporter: alwu, Unassigned)


In our block-autoplay setting whitelist page, you can see the url input textbox.

we want to add the autocomplete ability to the url input text bar in order to help user more convenience to find the url they want to enter.


1. open 'about:preferences#privacy'
2. click 'exceptions' which is beside the text "For websites that autoplay sound...."
3. enter url in 'Address of website'

4. enable autocomplete, tell users which url they can enter from their history

4. Nothing happen.
Hi, Dale,
Although this one is not a blocker, could you help me to check whether it's possible to do this?
Thank you!
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This should be possible but I expect it would be a reasonably large amount of work, tried looking around for any bugs open for enabling this on other preferences exceptions prompts but havent seen any prior work, Cc'ing Johann just in case its something thats been discussed before
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As mentioned its a nice improvement but not a blocker
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