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Use StrictEq semantics for more cases in


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Bug 1433432 was a bit conservative when to convert into JSOP_STRICTEQ, for example MCompare::Compare_Bitwise is currently not enabled.
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Use JSOP_STRICTEQ for more cases in
- When both operands are typed as MIRType::Value, but are definitely not floating-point types, we can use JSOP_STRICTEQ.
- When one operand is typed as MIRType::Value, but also definitely not a floating-point type, we can use JSOP_STRICTEQ, too.

And when inlining as JSOP_STRICTEQ, directly call |jsop_compare| instead of just |compareTrySpecialized| to be able to use MCompare::Compare_Bitwise via |compareTryBitwise|.

Improves test cases like this one from 240ms to 28ms for me:
function f() {
    var xs = [1,2,3,null];
    var ys = [1,2,3,null];
    var q = 0;
    var t = dateNow();
    for (var i = 0; i < 10000000; ++i) {
        if ([i & 3], ys[i & 3]))
    print(dateNow() - t, q);
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Nice speedup and I like reusing more/most of the jsop_compare code.

::: js/src/jit/MCallOptimize.cpp
@@ +2499,5 @@
> +        // they aren't floating-point types or values which might be floating-
> +        // point types. Otherwise we need to use MSameValue.
> +        strictEq = leftType != MIRType::Value
> +                   ? !IsFloatingPointType(leftType)
> +                   : !mightBeFloatingPointType(left) && !mightBeFloatingPointType(right);

Nit: I would add parentheses around the && because I never remember the evaluation order in such cases and I'm too lazy to look it up :)
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Updated per review comments, carrying r+.
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Clearing "checkin-needed" because the patch needs to be rebased now that bug 1341261 has landed.
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Rebased patch to apply cleanly on inbound.
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Use more JSOP_STRICTEQ optimizations for r=jandem
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