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Add switches for signature schemes to tstclnt and selfserv


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We don't currently provide any way to enable signature schemes that are disabled by default, nor do we provide a way to disable those that are enabled by default.  This is a simple matter of calling SSL_SignatureSchemePrefSet().

We should probably keep this simple and use the hex format that we use for defining arbitrary ciphersuites.  That is "-J :0405:01dd".  No point in defining new single character values though.

Help for this should note that order determines preference order.
This adds switches.  I chose to use the names from the RFC, which made
it easier to implement.  No tests just, just code so that it can be used.  I
will add a couple of tests to the ssl test scripts shortly.
Changes to to support testing the -J option on tstclnt and
selfserv.  These scripts are a nightmare to work with.  I made some changes that
should improve things slightly.  (I also removed tabs and trailing whitespace,
which makes this looks much worse than it is.  If that's a problem, I can
prepare another changeset.)
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