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17 years ago
In Windows XP I have Slovenian language and Keyboard instaled, and for non-
unicode programs Slovenian to. Mozilla Mail cant connect to My POP3 server 
becose My User name and password cant be recognised in Mozillas format 
inported from Outlook Express.
That is Mozilla RC3, but the same bug is in Mozilla RC2, and Windows Milenium, 
and mail accounts and setings imported from Outlook Express 6.
-> Mailnews:POP
Assignee: Matti → naving
Component: Browser-General → Networking: POP
Product: Browser → MailNews
QA Contact: imajes-qa → sheelar

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17 years ago
Just to narrow down the problem can you please create a new profile for the same
account and see if you are able to log in?  Also mention the build id.

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17 years ago
This is an import problem. 
Assignee: naving → cavin
Component: Networking: POP → Import
QA Contact: sheelar → nbaca

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17 years ago
Darko, just to be sure : are you using slovenian chars for the account name or
you are importing a folder with such name? Pop and local are system dependant,
and even though you might have an imput and keyboard set up Mozilla can't
support char outside of its Native CodePage unless we convert Moz to an Unicode app.

Comment 5

17 years ago
Updating that reporter is using mozilla build id: 2002052306. 
Please update the bug instead of sending email so that everyone on the bug gets 
the information. 


17 years ago
Keywords: intl
QA Contact: nbaca → marina

Comment 6

17 years ago
Imported profile is faild
Creating new by hand is faild
I thryde some combinations and get a mesage that Mozilla can't
support char outside of its Native CodePage, and what now...

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17 years ago
Account Wizard is asking for User Name, after that wizard will put Email Name 
for User Name, and POP will not work. Multiple POP accounts are imposible 
withouth multiple paswords.
Mozi have Windows Central Europe 1250 but only for viewing messages!!!

Comment 8

17 years ago
<Imported profile is faild
<Creating new by hand is faild
Darko, were you importing a Profile from previous versions? When you say
'creating a new profile failed' you mean a new profile with Central-european
name failed? I tried that and i could not reproduce it. Could you please try to
go to C0ntrol panel|Regional settings and on the advanced tab chose Slovenian
for non-unicode programs? Reboot the machine and see if the users directory is
showing up correctly and you can fill out other fields without corruption?
Thanks. I do see that Central-european win-1250 is not on the list for default
encodinds for message compose.

Comment 9

17 years ago
Just one more thing to keep in mind: if you are importing settings from Outlook
Express your account name will look corrupted but this should not prevent you
from connecting to the server. If you had a password in slovenian and saved it
it might happen that it got corrupted while importing and that's why is probably
rejected. The user name not displaying correctly after import is a known
problem, mozilla uses ascii chars for User ID( not user name) and password.
Naoki, do you think it's a new problem?  

Comment 10

17 years ago
Let be clear. Windows XP, Slovenian language, Slovenian Keyboard, Slovenian 
for non unicode programs.
Inport from Outlok Express- Cant conect.
Mozes account wizard - cant conect.
New acount by hand modified- cant conect.
Moz mix between user name for account and name in email adress what is in My 
case diferent.
Moz ask for a pasword only for SMTP server, for POP cant set by hand.Cose that 
multiple accountsa are imposible if thay are independent of "cros-linking"
Moust internet providers not permitions conection from other domains.
How Moz interpret paswords I dont know, I kant see.

Comment 11

17 years ago
Darko, i need a little bit more info, could you please answer those questions:
- what kind of Preferences are you importing from Outlook Express: mail or settings?
(if just mail then it'll show up as a folder but you need your settings to be
able to have your account working);
- you say several POP accounts : how many do you have?
- did you check "save password" option and stored your passwords in Password
- if yes, could you remove the mail passwords (only) by going to Tools|Password
manager and click "Remove all" (just in case check "leave mesages on the server
for POP account) 

Comment 12

17 years ago
I import settings and mails.
Mails come in local folder, and is ok.
Accounts are visible, and when I check them I seen a mess with names.
Moz dont have abiliti to menage them.
1. name is localy for account folder. is name in mail addres. is name to POP logon. is My own name and surname.
In Moz settings for acount I see only:
1.My name and surname. for account.
3.Email addres.
And what will Moz take for POP logon? If it is the name from My email that is 
wrong one.
OK I have 4 POP accounts.
I store passwords.
In Password manager I see only 3 mailboxs and Bugzila.
User names are visible.
Passwords are invisible to menage.
Missing account is that where I have diferent user name for POP logon and name 
in email address. And that is account from My cable internet provider, and 
there is the problem.

Comment 13

17 years ago
Created attachment 86504 [details]
here is the display of Your name

Comment 14

17 years ago
Created attachment 86505 [details]
here is a corrupted display of the user name

Comment 15

17 years ago
Created attachment 86507 [details]
and this is how the user's name looks on the password dlgbox

Comment 16

17 years ago
i don't understand where my comments dispaered that i posted before creating
three attachments. In any event, i am confirming this bug, account setting
imported from Outlook express (POPserver) get corrupted in account wizard in
Mozilla: Your name filed, user name and the user name on the password dlgbox
gets truncated before the first non-latin chars. This is why the connection
withn the server can not be established, the wrong user name gets submitted
Ever confirmed: true
Product: MailNews → Core


11 years ago
Assignee: cavin → nobody
QA Contact: marina → import


11 years ago
Product: Core → MailNews Core
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