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Parse byte code only once in DecompileExpressionFromStack


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Marks most BytecodeParser as |const| in preparation for part 2. And changes the two existing functions accepting |BytecodeParser*| to use |const BytecodeParser*| instead.
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Change ExpressionDecompiler to use an existing BytecodeParser instance instead of creating its own BytecodeParser. This avoids to parse the byte code twice when called from DecompileExpressionFromStack.

Part 3 will ensure DecompileExpressionFromStack won't create a BytecodeParser when JSDVG_IGNORE_STACK is used or we have an Ion-frame [1].


Improves the following µ-benchmark from 205ms to 110ms:
function f() {
    var doit = Function("obj", `
        var q = 0;
            try { q +=; } catch (e) {}
        return q;

    var xs = [undefined, null];
    var q = 0;
    var t = dateNow();
    for (var i = 0; i < 10; ++i) {
        q += doit(xs[i&1]);
    return [dateNow() - t, q];
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- Change DecompileExpressionFromStack to not create a BytecodeParser when the result isn't used.
- Avoid creating zero-sized arrays in captureOffsetStack/captureOffsetStackAfter.
- And remove an unnecessary bit-field modifier. With the bit-field modifier Clang emitted |andb $0xfe,(%rbx)|, but without the modifier |movb   $0x0,(%rbx)| was used. 

Further improves the test case from comment #2 to 100ms.
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Removes unused code from BytecodeUtil and fixes a style nit.
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I was worried from bug title that you were adding a cache, but this avoiding obviously duplicate work is great.
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Nice cleanup.
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(In reply to Ted Campbell [:tcampbell] from comment #5)
> I was worried from bug title that you were adding a cache, [...]

Haha. :-)
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Part 1: Mark BytecodeParser methods as const. r=tcampbell
Part 2: Parse byte code only once when decompiling an expression. r=tcampbell
Part 3: Avoid allocating empty arrays and parsing byte code when result is not used. r=tcampbell
Part 4: Remove unused code from BytecodeUtil. r=tcampbell
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