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Remote automation should kill already running instances rather than dying


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(1 file)'s launch_application has an option to fail if an instance is already running which can be useful however does not attempt to recover the situation. I think we should have RProcess kill any running instance prior to attempting to launch.
try coming soon.
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Traditionally, we stop the test app when the harness is starting. For example,

...and also, we try to make sure that the app is stopped after a test run completes:

But I think there are some holes in that logic: Like on a mochitest run with multiple browser sessions, if the browser goes to the background, if get_top_activity fails, etc. So, I like this!

::: build/mobile/
@@ +241,5 @@
>              self.stdoutlen = 0
>              self.utilityPath = None
> +            if app and self.device.process_exist(app):
> +                print(" %s is already running. Stopping...")

If we could do without this message, I think we could avoid the process_exist() call -- it looks like calling stop_application is okay whether the process is running or not. But the message might be useful -- alert us to unexpected behavior, etc. -- so probably best to keep it as it is.
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Thanks. I ran into this a bunch this weekend trying to get mach working for android hardware testing. Maybe we can chase it down.
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Remote automation should kill already running instances rather than dying, r=gbrown.
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