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Allow recording child processes to handle TabChild deletion


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Currently, middleman processes are responsible for sending delete messages for PBrowserChild actors to the UI process. This gives consistent behavior between middlemen that have recording children and ones that don't, but causes a lot of problems for PBrowserChild teardown: deleting a PBrowserChild also deletes all children of that actor, and can implicitly delete other state like any PContentPermissionRequest actors associated with the browser child's tab. The middleman tries to emulate this and make sure that its recording child process (if any) does not send messages to actors that have been implicitly deleted in this way, but this emulation is complicated, fragile, and incomplete (e.g. for the PContentPermissionRequest thing).

The attached patch greatly simplifies this situation by performing the PBrowserChild deletion in the recording child instead of the middleman, ensuring that the right teardown messages for associated actors are sent at the right time.  Middleman processes with only replaying children still need to do the deletes themselves, adding a little instrumentation.
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This needs a followup to work properly when closing a tab that has a recording child but is replaying old content.  In such cases we normally don't forward IPDL messages to the recording child (so that e.g. mouse clicks and other events that happen while replaying old state have no effect on the recording), but need to make an exception for PBrowser::Destroy.
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Part 1 - Allow recording child processes to handle TabChild deletion, r=mccr8.
Part 2 - Always forward destroy messages to recording TabChild, r=mccr8.
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