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test262/intl402/RelativeTimeFormat/prototype/format/pl-pl-style-short.js fails


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The other pl-pl-*.js test failures seem to be bug 1483545, but this is different.

    ## test262/intl402/RelativeTimeFormat/prototype/format/pl-pl-style-short.js: rc = 3, run time = 0.172779
    uncaught exception: Test262Error: Expected SameValue(«za 1 000 sek.», «za 1 000 s») to be true
    REGRESSION - test262/intl402/RelativeTimeFormat/prototype/format/pl-pl-style-short.js

I don't know if the output is really wrong or what, but I'm disabling the test for now.
To clarify: It's not actually a regression -- the test is newly imported.
This seems like an error in the test.

"sek." is short, 's" is narrow. The tests tests for `short` but uses `s`...

Ms2ger - is there a reason?
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I'm guessing the reason is that I wasn't fully awake when writing those tests. Fixed in <>. The remaining failures are bug 1483545 and bug 1473588.
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(In reply to :Ms2ger (he/him; ⌚ UTC+1/+2) from comment #3)
> I'm guessing the reason is that I wasn't fully awake when writing those
> tests.

Go to sleep.  :-)
The test issue was fixed upstream and imported in bug 1484728; can we enable it yet?
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No; now it fails because of bug 1483545.

I should update the comments in jstests.list though.
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Adjust comments in jstests.list now that pl-pl-style-short.js fails for the same reason as its fellows. r=jwalden
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