Open Bug 1484493 Opened 5 years ago Updated 1 year ago

Add tests for the relaxed third-party checks that tracking protection does


(Toolkit :: Safe Browsing, enhancement, P3)





(Reporter: francois, Unassigned)



In bug 1482950, we had to fix bug 1108017 for the second time. One of the existing tests should have caught it, but it wasn't obvious enough and so it would be good to add more tests for this tricky condition.

Two ideas come to mind:

- Add a "isThirdPartyTrackingResource v. isTrackingResource" test case in netwerk/test/unit/test_trackingProtection_annotateChannels.js.

- Add a mochitest(?) that looks like
Component: Tracking Protection → Safe Browsing
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
Severity: normal → S3
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