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SSL error page on Fennec doesn't have details


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Fennec nightly, go to - this brings up an "untrusted connection" error page. Clicking on "technical details" provides no details, but I would expect it to. The section is just empty.
Product: Firefox → Firefox for Android
Is this a regression in Nightly?
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On beta the page loads. So it's some sort of regression, probably exposed by tighter restrictions on what classes of security problems are blocked.
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It's not generally broken, though, because various things on still show a detailed error message.
This is a change in behavior, not a simple regression. It is from the distrust

I expect that there are some strings or methods that are part of the desktop error pages that were not copied to the mobile error pages. NI to one of the leads on the distrust.
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Looks like this was a result of bug 1475647: E/GeckoConsole(19158): [JavaScript Error: "ReferenceError: securityInfo is not defined" {file: "chrome://browser/content/content.js" line: 188}]

Franziskus, do you have time to take care of this? It looks like we just need to pass `securityInfo` (or really just `securityInfo.errorCode`) to `_setTechDetailsMsgPart1`.
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Component: General → Security: PSM
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Looks like I forgot to pass in `securityInfo`. I'm surprised noone (no test;) noticed this earlier.
Not sure who's best to review this. But it's not too much code anyway :)
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