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HTML dfn element: update usage notes sections


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dfn page has two Usage Notes section that are pretty much duplicates.  One should probably be removed.

Also, the page is very verbose:

In the text: There are some not-entirely-obvious aspects to using the <dfn> element. We examine those here.
This sentence offers little or no useful information, especially with the title above it.  Suggest removing it.

Sentences that include the word you should have the word removed.  
From the text: If you include an id attribute on the <dfn> element, you can then link to it using <a> elements.
change to:   Use the <a> element with the id attribute to link to the definition.

Change existing text: To add links to the definitions, you create the link the same way you always do, with the <a> element.
to:  To add links to the definitions, create the link with the <a> element.
But I think this is a duplicate since that's essentially what the previous paragraph said that I modified above.


I've been changing pages that have a small amount of difficult to understand wording, but this page has so much of it that I figure a more knowledgeable editor should modify it.  Especially when it comes to removing what I think is duplicates and sections... I could be wrong, too scary for me.
This refers to page:

Sorry, I didn't know you wouldn't receive the URL when I click on the feedback link on a page.
Priority: -- → P3
Summary: Two usage notes, almost exactly the same; also verbose → HTML dfn element: update usage notes sections
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