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8 months ago
Our in-tree documentation is very flat, every entry in SPHINX_TREES is added to the root toctree:

This leads to a long list of random and in-cohesive pages that don't have anything to do with one another. If we want firefox-source-docs to supplant MDN, we need the ability to organize all these different sections by category that have their own landing page (like we have on MDN).

The root toctree should only have a handful of top-level categories (things like "Firefox", "Build", "Developer Workflow", "Localization", etc). Each category should have something of a landing page that explains what it contains and links to the subsections within.

I haven't looked into how we might implement this, but a very very rough idea might be do something like this:

SPHINX_TREES['automated_testing'] = 'docs'

SPHINX_TREES.automated_testing['mochitest'] = 'docs'

This would put /testing/docs under the root toctree, and nest /testing/mochitest/docs under the "Automated Testing" category's toctree.


4 months ago
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3 months ago

Looked into this a little. I don't think we need to change SPHINX_TREES at all. In the previous example, we can use:

SPHINX_TREES['automated_testing'] = 'docs'

SPHINX_TREES['automated_testing/mochitest'] = 'docs'

This will copy the mochitest docs under the automated_testing ones which is what we want. However, currently this still puts the mochitest docs at the toplevel toctree. The reason for this is that for every SPHINX_TREES definition we just stuff the path to its index.rst directly into the root index, no matter where the sub-index happens to live:

So to get a doc dir nested under another, we only need to do two things:

  1. Filter out self.trees in the above link such that only top-level doc dirs are added to the root index
  2. Manually link to the subdir from the parent dir (either by adding it to the toctree, or using links or whatever)

Requirement 2 is out of scope of this bug. While it might be nice to have some automatic way of inserting the subdocs into the parent's toctree, it isn't strictly necessary (and in fact, we may want to avoid doing this in some cases).

That means, the only thing necessary to fix this should be a fairly minor patch! Then we can start to think about re-organizing our docs (and all of the pitfalls like URL redirection that will come out of that).


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3 months ago

Currently, it's possible to nest doctrees underneath one another by doing this:

SPHINX_TREES['foo'] = 'docs'
SPHINX_TREES['foo/bar'] = 'bar/docs'

(note: the 'bar' doctree doesn't need to be a subdir of foo and can be defined
in a completely separate

Doing this means that the docs in 'bar' will be nested underneath the docs in
'foo' when sphinx-build ultimately runs.

This allows us to add 'bar' to foo's index, essentially making bar a subdoc of
foo. The problem is that we also add bar's docs to the root index here:

The result is that the main landing page for firefox-source-docs is a big long
list of random unrelated topics. There is no organization or cohesion. By
excluding subdocs from the main index, we can start to move pages around into
some kind of organization that makes sense.

Actually moving those docs will be a lot of work, but at least this will give
us the ability.



3 months ago
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3 months ago
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[doc] Don't add doctrees nested under other doctrees to the root index r=nalexander

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3 months ago
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