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Need Permissions to upload Flash Player symbols


(Tecken :: General, task)

Not set


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(Reporter: viveknegi1, Assigned: peterbe)


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Steps to reproduce:

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Steps to reproduce:

I am a member of Flash Runtime Team , noida. 
I need to have elevated permissions to upload Flash Player symbols to mozilla. Previously Suriti used to upload symbols but from now on I will be doing this task.  

Actual results:

Permission denied. 

Expected results:

Permission should be allotted.
Vivek will be uploading Flash symbols from now on. Please assign the upload access to him. I vouch for him.
Switching this to Tecken since that's the system that does symbols now.
Component: Symbols → Tecken Integration
Assignee: nobody → peterbe
Hi Vivek, for me to be able to give you the elevated permission you need to sign in at least one time with your Adobe email address. Then I can find you and give you permission.
Hi Peter,

This is my account linked with my adobe email address.
Thanks but you need to go to at least once and log in, with that email address. I can't give you permission unless you already exist. For a brief moment, you'll have an account but with no permissions.
I have logged-in into the using Please provide me the elevated permissions.
Thanks! You're now part of the Uploaders group.
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Hi Peter,

I am using the latest dump_syms ( dump_syms_vc1800) tool present at here i am trying to upload the .sym file to mozilla symbols repository, it says : " Unrecognized file pattern. Should only be <module>/<hex>/<file> or <name>-symbols.txt and nothing else." 
Can you help me in this ?

Resolution: FIXED → ---
Hi Vivek, 
This bug was about giving out the right permissions. If you have problems generating symbols let's start a new bug specifically for that. You can click the "New/Clone Bug --> this component" button here in the lower right-hand corner. 

Even if your query isn't a "bug" it's good to file it because clearly, the instructions [0][1] are good enough and perhaps by listening to your issue we can improve the documentation etc. 

Closed: 4 years ago4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Moving from Socorro product to Tecken product.

Component: Tecken → General
Product: Socorro → Tecken
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