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Convert .disabled selectors on <form> elements in extension.css to :disabled


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This is a follow-up from bug 1484501.

As Blake points out[1] we should probably just convert all the '.disabled' selectors in extension.css to ':disabled', or at least those that clearly apply to form elements. If authors are setting the 'disabled' class on a form element but not also making the form element itself disabled, they're doing it wrong.

This does _not_ convert .disabled selectors on non-<form> elements such as
panel-list-items since presumably in such cases the 'disabled' class is being
used to grey-out a whole chunk of content.

For form elements, however, authors shouldn't be greying out elements with the
'disabled' class without also actually making the form element itself disabled
(e.g. with the disabled attribute).
Did a fairly broad try push on this just because I have no idea if any tests actually depend on this or not:

(Not that this push is based on autoland so there could be all sorts of unrelated failure in there.)
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Bug 1484911 - Convert .disabled selectors on <form> elements in extension.css to :disabled; r=bwinton

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Convert .disabled selectors on <form> elements in extension.css to :disabled; r=bwinton
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I'm afraid I don't have any extensions available for verifying this (in my own extension I worked around this issue).
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