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UseCounter documentation links to non-existing file


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Currently the Use Counter documentation[1] links to a file called `nsCSSPropList.h`[2].
However this file does not exist anymore.

I think the generated `ServoCSSPropList.h` is its replacement (however, that file is not available in searchfox or dxr)

We should fix the link.

Mentor: jrediger
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Priority: -- → P3
ServoCSSPropList.h is available here:

:emilio: Is that the best file to link to from the documentation?
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Yeah, that one should work. Thanks!
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Is it open for grab? I am interested to take this up.
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Yes, I just assigned the bug to you.

The task is rather simple:
Exchange the link in the use counter documentation[1]  with the above link to the ServoCSSPropList.h file.

Once you've done that, compile the documentation with `./mach doc`, open it in a browser, go to the Use Counter documentation and check that the link works and everything is correct.


Please ping me if you need any additional help.
Assignee: nobody → arshadkazmi42
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Below searchfox url needs to be updated in that?


Or is there any other production URL which needs to be used?
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So. I found a similar type of url for other link. So adding this file and pushing code to Phabricator for review.

Let me know if that url is different & needs to be changed
Pushed code to Phabricator. And added you as reviewer
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Bug 1484925 - UseCounter Broken Link Fixed.

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