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completion text is not displayed if the input overflows


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The off-by-1px issue will be resolved in Bug 1479750.
Let's re-purpose this bug to make sure the completionText is always displayed like it should.
Summary: completion text is off by 1px in old JsTerm → completion text is not displayed if the input overflows
The completion node was wrongly positionned as soon as the input overflowed.
We fix this by setting the completionNode height in resizeInput,
like we do for the inputNode.

The inputNode takes the whole remaining vertical space
when starting the console. But when typing, the height
is computed and set according to what's in the input.
Which means the input wasn't taking the remaining space
anymore, which could be weird (e.g. if the user wants
to select some text by starting dragging below the actual
input, although the UI would indicate it is possible).

The autocompletionPopup was a bit off due to 2 things:
- in the function that was returning the chevronWidth, we
were substracting the autocomplete popup padding. But the
autocomplete popup already handles that itself.
- in the function that was computing the character width,
we were using offsetWidth which returned a rounded value.
This means that the further the autocompletion was displayed
at, the more the popup would be off. We use getBoundingClientRect().width
instead which gives us a decimal value.

And we also make sure to not alter the scrolling position in the inputNode
when accepting an autocompletion result (a test is added).
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Bug 1484979 - Fix old-jsterm UI glitches; r=bgrins.

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Fix old-jsterm UI glitches; r=bgrins.
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