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remove confusing StackDecrementForCall() overloads


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There are 3 overloads for StackDecrementForCall(): one shared with all Ion that makes sense, and 2 that do special stuff and superficially look the same as the shared one.  I'm always confusing these so I think it's better to have all of WasmStubs.cpp just use the one common one.  This requires being a bit explicit about what has been pushed for the alreadyPushed argument, but I think that's actually good.
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Ha nice, I've been confused by these overloads in the past.

::: js/src/wasm/WasmStubs.cpp
@@ +983,5 @@
>      AssertExpectedSP(masm);
>      GenerateFunctionPrologue(masm, funcTypeId, Nothing(), offsets);
> +    unsigned framePushed = StackDecrementForCall(WasmStackAlignment,

In every single other case, it was obvious that masm.framePushed() is 0 because of a visible previous call to setFramePushed(0). Here, it's more subtle; there's an assertion at the end of GenerateFunctionPrologue, but this knowledge is hidden within the function's body. Could we re-assert here instead? or comment?
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Sweet, thanks.
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(In reply to Benjamin Bouvier [:bbouvier] from comment #3)
> Could we re-assert here instead? or comment?

Good point!  It is a rather subtle detail so I improved all the calls so that they are either (1) using masm.framePushed(), (2) using sizeof(Frame) with a comment "// pushed by prologue".  (Can't assert b/c the constant is usually computed before the Generate*Prologue(), so masm.framePushed() is 0 before and sizeof(Frame)+framePushed after.)
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Baldr: remove confusing StackDecrementForCall() overloads (r=bbouvier)
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