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Attendees dialog default size is not high enough, far too wide


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This is probably fallout from changing to richlistbox.
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That doesn't work for me here on Win 10. The dialog height is overwritten when restoring the persited properties from xulstore.json. So you better should operate with a minimum height value here. The same is true for the width of the attendees- list and the freebusy pane. By moving the splitter, I could get the former to 0 width and the latter to 100. and such a setting is persisted when closing and reopening.

When defining minimum values, I would appreaciate to put the definition in the css instead of the xul file.

When reducing the window size to the minimal possible height (for me this is 277) and you try to close the dialog with the ok button, you get an error and the dialog doesn't close:

>TypeError: this.getListItem(...) is undefined[Learn More] calendar-event-dialog-attendees.xml:726:20
> getInputElement      chrome://calendar/content/calendar-event-dialog-attendees.xml:726:20
> get_attendees        chrome://calendar/content/calendar-event-dialog-attendees.xml:296:34
> onAccept             chrome://calendar/content/calendar-event-dialog-attendees.js:123:1
> anonymous            chrome://global/content/bindings/dialog.xml line 404 > Function:3:8
> _fireButtonEvent     chrome://global/content/bindings/dialog.xml:405:28
> _doButtonCommand     chrome://global/content/bindings/dialog.xml:373:28
> _handleButtonCommand chrome://global/content/bindings/dialog.xml:361:18
> editAttendees        chrome://lightning/content/lightning-item-iframe.js:1955:5
> receiveMessage       chrome://lightning/content/lightning-item-iframe.js:190:31

If you enlarge the height a little bit, you could close again.
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I'm not defining minimum values*, I'm defining initial values. Try opening that dialog in a new profile or with the values removed from xulStore.json.

* at least not with this patch.
Blocks: 1484636
Looking at this dialog again, I notice the datepickers are broken, probably by bug 1474123. So I've fixed them, as well as the won't-close-if-not-tall-enough problem.
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The additional stylesheets look reasonable. Better MMD does the review as he did already the first patch.
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Thanks, looks good. r+ with comment considered.

::: calendar/base/content/dialogs/calendar-event-dialog-attendees.xul
@@ +22,5 @@
>          onload="onLoad()"
>          ondialogaccept="return onAccept();"
>          ondialogcancel="return onCancel();"
>          defaultButton="none"
> +        height="500"

Can you move this definition also to the css file? applies also for the two width definitions you added in this file.
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Attached patch 1485204-attendees-sizes-3.diff (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I've also moved the padding info from the style attribute into the stylesheet as there's no reason for it to be where it is.
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It doesn't work. These need to be attributes.
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Set sensible default sizes for attendees dialog, and fix broken datepicker widgets. r=MakeMyDay
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