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update trivially-updatable crates to use winapi 0.3.x


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We should just go ahead and bump things that `cargo update` can bump for us.
winapi 0.2.8 is used by a number of crates in our dependency graph.  The
newest version of winapi is 0.3.4, which is a significant restructuring
and also more amenable to further development, e.g. adding AArch64
support.  This patch does the easy work of updating as many things as
possible to winapi 0.3.4 via a simple `cargo update`:

cargo update -p atty -p fs2 -p msdos_time -p parking_lot_core -p aho-corasick

and then vendoring the results of those changes.

The only non-trivial part of this patch is the change to,
which stems from the fuchsia-zircon* packages.  We previously had
fuchsia-zircon* vendored through:

fuchsia-zircon v0.2.1
└── rand v0.3.18
    ├── phf_generator v0.7.21
    │   └── phf_codegen v0.7.21
    │       └── cssparser-macros v0.3.3
    │           └── cssparser v0.24.0
    │               ├── geckoservo v0.0.1 (file:///home/froydnj/src/m-c.hg/servo/ports/geckolib)

and as several packages depended on rand 0.3.18, this was not
problematic.  We now have packages that depend on a newer version:

fuchsia-zircon v0.3.3
└── rand v0.4.3
    ├── parking_lot_core v0.2.14
    │   └── parking_lot v0.6.3
    │       ├── geckoservo v0.0.1 (file:///home/froydnj/src/m-c.hg/servo/ports/geckolib)

and we thus need to vendor multiple versions of fuchsia-zircon*, leading
to the need to whitelist multiple versions.  These packages are only
compiled on x86_64-unknown-fuchsia, and therefore do not need special
license review.  (Note that trying to upgrade `phf_generator` to a newer
version wouldn't solve this problem, as it depends on a *newer* version
of `rand`, and other packages depend on `rand` 0.3.18 anyway.)
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I wonder if we could figure out a way to avoid vendoring crates like that that we'll never actually need? I understand that cargo just sticks everything it could possibly need in every build configuration into Cargo.lock, and cargo-vendor vendors the whole lot, but we're not going to build Firefox for fuchsia anytime soon so these crates are just wasting space.
I assume we'd need either a post-pass tool that knew all the targets we were going to compile for, and stripped out things we would never need, or we'd need to see about modifying `cargo vendor` to take a similar list of targets for the same purpose.

All this assumes that cargo doesn't require packages that it's not compiling for the current target to be present at compile time.
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update crates to dispense with winapi 0.2.8 requirement

Review of attachment 9003199 [details] [diff] [review]:

This patch doesn't apply anymore. There are conflicts in Cargo.toml, fuchsia-zircon-sys, fuchsia-zircon and rand.
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Now with no `mach vendor rust` changes. \o/
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update crates to dispense with winapi 0.2.8 requirement; r=glandium
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