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ssl_dtls test doesn't work


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This was previously disabled on CI.  I enabled it as part of another fix and now it breaks all the time (on buildbot, not taskcluster).

The duplication of certain key variables in the test infrastructure meant that NSS_SSL_RUN is set in two places, and the one place that was fixed wasn't the one that is effective.

This error is quite consistent, on both buildbot and my own machine:

$ HOSTDIR=~/code/tests_results/security/localhost.7 NSS_TESTS=ssl NSS_SSL_RUN=dtls NSS_SSL_TESTS=normal_normal ./tests/
tstclnt -4 -p 8443 -h localhost.localdomain -f -d ../ext_server   \
        -U -V tls1.1:tls1.2 -P server -Q < /home/martin/code/nss/tests/ssl/sslreq.dat &
tstclnt -4 -p 8443 -h localhost.localdomain -f -d ../ext_client   \
        -U -V tls1.1:tls1.2 -P client -Q < /home/martin/code/nss/tests/ssl/sslreq.dat
0 cache hits; 0 cache misses, 0 cache not reusable
0 stateless resumes
Received 0 Cert Status items (OCSP stapled data)
tstclnt: write to SSL socket failed: PR_CONNECT_REFUSED_ERROR: Connection refused by peer #2: ssl_dtls produced a returncode of 254, expected is 0 - FAILED

So the task here is to work out why this is happening and fix it.  I will open another bug regarding the running of the normal_normal tests on taskcluster, because we don't appear to be doing that and it's a bit of a worry.
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