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User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.0rc3)
BuildID:    2002052306

This URL points to a prototype .net project.  Log in as "Bob" with password
"password".  The controls all appear in the right places, but the sizes are
somewhat random.  This prototype was done with no manual HTML coding, just by
dragging and droping the controls in the .NET designer.  Of course the prototype
works fine with Internet Exployer.  I'm very excited about an open-source web
browser.  But in my opinion, Mozilla needs to be 100% compatible with IE in
order to be successful.

Philip Brown

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1.Go to
2.Click on "Login"
3.Enter Login name as "Bob", case sensitive.
4.Do the same with Internet Exployer, and see the differences

Actual Results:  The controls on the web form are in the right places, but
random sizes.

Expected Results:  I expected to see it behave like Internet Exployer.
The HTML doesn't look right to me (keeping in mind that I'm not an export on v4
or XHTML), but I don't think something like <input blah blah blah /> is correct.
Although I don't mind being wrong.
David: that's XHTML syntax (although the document isn't consistently using XHTML
rules), and not a problem.
What is a problem however (I think) is this:
<body MS_POSITIONING="GridLayout">

I don't have a IE beyond 5.0 so for me it doesn't look what I assume is "right"
in IE either, but I figure that's the proprietary tag that gives everything the
same size.
In which case this should be moved to Tech Evangelism and somebody can try
sending Microsoft an email asking them to change that .NET designer program so
it outputs HTML that observes valid standards...

*restraining himself very carefully not to comment on what Mozilla _needs_ to do*
This is an INVALID/WONTFIX thing...  (Someone else will have to mark it as 
such, though.)

If you look at the HTML, Mozilla is rendering the page exactly as the HTML is 
telling it to, ugly CSS absolute positioning and all.  The 
MS_POSITIONING="GridLayout" attribute of BODY isn't the problem, though -- the 
URL returns different HTML depending on whether or not it's IE connecting.

The IE version has "width: XXpx;" CSS attributes while the non-IE version 
doesn't.  This is the only difference between the HTML returned, and it is why 
the form controls aren't in a nice grid in Mozilla but are in IE.
OMG! You're right. I spoofed my user_agent string with Mozilla as
user_pref("general.useragent.override", "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5;
Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90)"); 
and the page displayed perfectly.
In other words, that aspx page is doing server-side browser checking, and then
only generates content that displays right if the browser is IE. And here I
thought their Frontpage tricks were already dirty.
-> tech evangelism.
Whoever's gonna contact Microsoft about this should have a _very_ interesting
interesting conversation ahead. Does anyone have this program so we can check if
this is the default behaviour and/or if there's a switch to turn off the
server-side checking?

I'll attach the two generated pages so they can be compared.

Philip: any chance you could attach the main.aspx source so we can see exactly
what happens server-side? As for your original request: I hope you see the fault
does not lie with Mozilla.
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Summary: Not compatible with .NET → .NET Designer generates pages that only display right in IE (checked server-side)
Version: other → unspecified
Mozilla spoofing as various MSIE versions displays right, including those for
the Mac.
Mozilla spoofing as Opera doesn't display right. 
Mozilla spoofing as Opera spoofing as MSIE doesn't display right either.
well, not so much opera spoofing as IE (obviously that would mean the UA would
be identical)
but opera with the added MSIE substring to inform a site it is IE compatible.

anyway, all UAs tried fail except for IE ones.  seems fairly obvious what the
bastards are doing.
Thanks very much for your testing.  Yes, I see that .NET is not returning the
right HTML when the browser is Mozilla.  It works great when I let IE save the
HTML, and then let Mozilla render the saved file.

Microsoft has an XML configuration file called machine.config, under their .NET
framework directory
(\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\V1.0.3705\CONFIG\machine.config)  This file
seems to contain configuration information that might be able to reconize
Mozilla and return IE HTML.  I tried several changes to this file without
success.  But the Microsoft would need to make the changes anyway for them to
get into the next .NET framework service pack.

I'm attaching a simple .NET application for demonstrating the problem.	All I
did for this application was copy a few controls on the designer.  I also show
the UserAgent.	The only line of C# code that I put in was a single line to get
the UserAgent.

I'm putting this simple application on my server under:

Philip Brown
The machine.config file is the key, indeed. The tagwriter value in the browser 
capabilities section denotes which class is used to write-out the HTML. By 
default, this would be System.Web.UI.Html32TextWriter, which writes only HTML 
3.2 compliant tags. In the machine.config that ships with .Net, only IE4+ is 
told to use the System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter class, which does not alter the 
outgoing HTML to make it 3.2 compliant. fix Mozilla, you need to change the machine.config to specify this 
for the Mozilla browser tag match.

One other note: MS is not actually responsible for maintaining this file, 
which it actually tells you in the file itself. Updates should be downloaded 

Ryan LaNeve
Philip, are you ok with this now? 
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Summary: .NET Designer generates pages that only display right in IE (checked server-side) → - .NET Designer generates pages that only display right in IE (checked server-side)
URL doesn't work, any other URL ?
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