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[checks] Show errors and warnings on dashboards


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We should show "Active translations with Errors/Warnings" counts in the progress chart (incl. the legend) and in the listings (in the progress column) of the project(s), team(s), localization, and tag(s) dashboars, as well as in the progress chart and filter counts on the translate view.
Depends on: 1486608
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Fix bug 1486606: Show errors & warnings on dashboards (#1081)

This is a last in a series of patches to bring full errors and warnings
support from standalone dashboards to Pontoon. It consists of four

1. Re-enabling temporary disabled features
* Support for Errors and warnings in string list and filters
* Exclude errors and warnings from approved and fuzzy filters

2. Changes in the Translate view
* Displays errors and warnings for strings with errors and warnings
* Add errors filters to Untranslated filters
* Add warnings and errors to Progress chart & Menu

3. Changes in Dashboards
* Add errors and warnings to progress chart (and legend) and
  differentiate All strings and Unreviewed from legend items
* Add errors and warnings to Progress colum in listings
* Use metric prefixes for high numbers in Progress colum

4. Unification and consistency
* Move Unreviewed after All to make them more accessible
* Consistently use Suggestions instead of Unreviewed
* Consistently use Unreviewed strings instead of Unreviewed suggestions
* Consistently use All strings instead of Total
* Use consistent ordering of All, Translated and Missing
* Remove icons from Top Contributors (they don't play any role)
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