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Assertion failure: !unwoundIonCallerFP_, at js/src/wasm/WasmFrameIter.cpp:1174 with Profiling


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The following testcase crashes on mozilla-central revision 768eef11f5ff (build with --enable-posix-nspr-emulation --enable-valgrind --enable-gczeal --disable-tests --disable-profiling --enable-debug --without-intl-api --enable-optimize --target=i686-pc-linux-gnu --enable-simulator=arm, run with --fuzzing-safe --cpu-count=2 --ion-offthread-compile=off):

var lfLogBuffer = `
Object.prototype[3] = 3;
setJitCompilerOption("ion.warmup.trigger", 50);
var lfModule = new WebAssembly.Module(wasmTextToBinary(`
        (import "global" "func" (result i32))
        (func (export "func_0") (result i32)
         call 0 ;; calls the import, which is func #0
processModule(lfModule, lfLogBuffer);
for (let i = 0; i < 100; ++i)
  processModule(lfModule, "");
function processModule(module, jscode) {
    imports = {}
    for (let descriptor of WebAssembly.Module.imports(module)) {
        imports[descriptor.module] = {}
        switch (descriptor.kind) {
          case "function":
            imports[descriptor.module][] = new Function("x", "y", "z", jscode);
            instance = new WebAssembly.Instance(module, imports);
            for (dmod in imports)
              for (dname in imports[dmod])
                if (imports[dmod][dname] == undefined) {}
    for (let descriptor of WebAssembly.Module.exports(module)) {
       switch (descriptor.kind) {
         case "function":


received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x08a3da21 in js::wasm::ProfilingFrameIterator::ProfilingFrameIterator (this=0xffffbddc, activation=..., state=...) at js/src/wasm/WasmFrameIter.cpp:1174
#0  0x08a3da21 in js::wasm::ProfilingFrameIterator::ProfilingFrameIterator (this=0xffffbddc, activation=..., state=...) at js/src/wasm/WasmFrameIter.cpp:1174
#1  0x088e2a8d in JS::ProfilingFrameIterator::iteratorConstruct (this=0xffffbdc4, state=...) at js/src/vm/Stack.cpp:1968
#2  0x088e32bd in JS::ProfilingFrameIterator::ProfilingFrameIterator (this=0xffffbdc4, cx=0xf6e1b800, state=..., samplePositionInProfilerBuffer=...) at js/src/vm/Stack.cpp:1888
#3  0x080a7c0b in SingleStepCallback (arg=0xf6e1b800, sim=<optimized out>, pc=<optimized out>) at js/src/shell/js.cpp:5892
#4  0x08688bf1 in js::jit::Simulator::execute<false> (this=0xf6e3f000) at js/src/jit/arm/Simulator-arm.cpp:4900
#5  js::jit::Simulator::callInternal (this=0xf6e3f000, entry=0x5e15f800 "\360O-\351\004\320M\342\020\212-\355\r\200\240\341h\220\235\345\r\260\240\341t\240\235", <incomplete sequence \345>) at js/src/jit/arm/Simulator-arm.cpp:4982
#6  0x08688dd9 in js::jit::Simulator::call (this=<optimized out>, entry=<optimized out>, argument_count=<optimized out>) at js/src/jit/arm/Simulator-arm.cpp:5065
#7  0x0835c71c in EnterBaseline (data=..., cx=0xf6e1b800) at js/src/jit/BaselineJIT.cpp:161
#8  js::jit::EnterBaselineAtBranch (cx=0xf6e1b800, fp=0xf623f018, pc=0xf6219d73 "\343\201V") at js/src/jit/BaselineJIT.cpp:236
#9  0x0821b989 in Interpret (cx=0xf6e1b800, state=...) at js/src/vm/Interpreter.cpp:2186
#20 main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>, envp=<optimized out>) at js/src/shell/js.cpp:9963
eax	0x0	0
ebx	0xffffbddc	-16932
ecx	0xf7d90864	-136771484
edx	0x0	0
esi	0xffffbd88	-17016
edi	0xffffc188	-15992
ebp	0xffffbcc8	4294950088
esp	0xffffbc80	4294950016
eip	0x8a3da21 <js::wasm::ProfilingFrameIterator::ProfilingFrameIterator(js::jit::JitActivation const&, JS::ProfilingFrameIterator::RegisterState const&)+609>
=> 0x8a3da21 <js::wasm::ProfilingFrameIterator::ProfilingFrameIterator(js::jit::JitActivation const&, JS::ProfilingFrameIterator::RegisterState const&)+609>:	movl   $0x0,0x0
   0x8a3da2b <js::wasm::ProfilingFrameIterator::ProfilingFrameIterator(js::jit::JitActivation const&, JS::ProfilingFrameIterator::RegisterState const&)+619>:	ud2
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user:        Benjamin Bouvier
date:        Fri Aug 24 15:27:20 2018 +0200
summary:     Bug 1437065: Inline monomorphic calls to wasm; r=luke, r=jandem

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Nice catch.

In the generic JIT entry, before we set FP := SP, FP can contain trash, in particular, something that looks like a tagged FP (in the test case it contained 3, which I guess relates to the Object.prototype[3] = 3 line in the test case).

So before considering the value of FP in the profiling frame iterator, we need to make sure it's valid.

The one case we're actually interested in is function calls. There are four ways to call into a function:
- from the interpreter, which sets FP (and doesn't tag it).
- from the jit entry (ditto).
- from another wasm function (ditto).
- from an inlined jit caller, which sets the low tag of FP.

So the test was correct for functions, but not for a jit entry. I think for other codeRange kinds, it was also correct (because they're all called from wasm), so we could also just make the test `codeRange->kind() != JitEntry`, but I found it less specific.
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Nice fix and comment.
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wasm profiling: Don't look at FP's tagged bit in non-function call situations; r=luke
Pushed by
Guard test against profiling mode enabled; r=me on a CLOSED TREE
Closed: 2 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → mozilla63
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