Open Bug 1486941 Opened Last year

Replace `nsTArray::IndexOf(...) != NoIndex` patterns with `nsTArray::Contains`


(Core :: XPCOM, enhancement)

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(Reporter: gerald, Unassigned)



There are quite a few places where some code wants to know if an array contains a particular element, and it is done with something like `array.IndexOf(element) != decltype(array)::NoIndex`.

Instead, these searches should now be done with `array.Contains(element)`.
The main reasons are:
- `Contains` is now more efficient than `IndexOf!=NoIndex`, as it doesn't compute an index and then compares it to NoIndex; instead it directly returns true when the element is found, or false otherwise. See bug 1479996 for details.
- "Contains" is shorter, and conveys a clearer intent than "Find an index and compare to no-index".

Sometimes the IndexOf value is compared to NoIndex, and then reused to actually work on the element. This is generally fine to keep, as the index computation is not wasted; a subset could possibly be replaced with nsTArray::ApplyIf, TBD.
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