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16 years ago
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(Reporter: Jerry Peek, Assigned: Jean-Francois Ducarroz)


Windows 98

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16 years ago
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One of my three mail accounts is to an IMAP server.  I use a dialup modem on my
Win98 laptop; it's not always connected to the server.  I sometimes compose
messages while the modem is off, then send them when I dial up to my ISP.  With
a POP server, that works fine: I'm saving to a local folder.  But, with the IMAP
server, I clicked the "Save" button while the modem was disconnected and the
Composition window partially froze.

Reproducible: Didn't try
Steps to Reproduce:
1.Be disconnected from the network.
2.Select a mail account with an IMAP server, compose a message and click Save
button on toolbar.
3.Window will partly freeze.

Actual Results:  The address fields all were greyed-out.  Once I went online, if
I clicked "Save" again, nothing seemed to happen.  I also couldn't click "Send"
to send the message; nothing seemed to happen.

I *was* able to copy the text and paste it into another window (Notepad), where
I can recover it and send a new draft later.  I couldn't copy the addresses, though.

Expected Results:  Open a dialog box that tells me that the draft couldn't be
saved, without greying out the addresses and partly freezing.  (I *did*
eventually et a dialog box saying that the server couldn't be reached, but the
addresses stayed grey after that point.)

Additional notes: I'm not sure about the priority.  Mozilla doesn't *completely*
freeze, but I can't continue my composition.  I'll find out in a minute (after I
submit this bug :) if I can even close that window or if I'll have to kill
Mozilla to recover.

Comment 1

16 years ago
I had the "Copies" preference set to use the IMAP server's Drafts folder.

Comment 2

15 years ago
Um, this isn't the fault of mozilla. It's the fault of the IMAP server for going
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