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M10 Release Notes scratchpad


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Windows 95


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Not sure which of you will cover this.  But we'll need Release Notes fot this
upcoming Mx/M10 release please.
Hardware: PC → All
Macintosh only
Bug 14517

1. Trigger any jar/xpi file
2. Click the OK button in the confirmation dialog
3. Leave the mouse pointer over the confirmation dialog


Move the mouse pointer outside the confirmation dialog after OK button is
Please record your input for the M10 Release Notes. Refer to the M9 Release
Notes (see URL) to see what information is currently in the Release Notes.
Target Milestone: M10
mark these release note bugs with the replease milestone to make them easy to
find.  thanks.

-> m10
Please add....
"All Platfroms - Page may not load correctly for and its
secondary sites."
Please Add..

"Linux Only:  Using File|Close menu to close a secondary browser window will
close out Apprunner application.  The workaround is to use the close box."
Please add

Linux Only: Selecting File | Close may bring up the Print dialog, bug 14759.
Profile Manager
Win and Linux (bug 15075)
If you enter the Profile Manager using the apprunner -installer command and try
to create a new profile here, you will crash.
Choose either of cases below:
A.1. Remove mozregistry.dat and Users50(Win)registry and .mozilla (Linux)
  2. Run apprunner to bring up Create Profile Wizard
  3. Choose  [NEXT], enter profile data, [FINISH]
*This should launch Seamonkey with the created profile
B. 1. Remove mozregistry.dat and Users50(Win), registry and .mozilla (Linux)
2. Run apprunner -installer
3. Select a profile  to migrate from list (*if only one 4.x profile exists, it
will be migrated silently)
4. Press [START]
*This should launch Seamonkey with the migrated profile
RE: Known Issues in Mail and News
The following bugs has been fixed and should be removed from the above url for
M10 release:
bug# 11765, 11980, 12347, 10170, 9791, 9117, 9508, 6931, 7568.
RE: Known Issues in Mail and News
Please add the following bugs to the M10 Release Note for Mail/News:
Bug# 14591:  IMAP only - Click Send Alert dialog appears compose window re-opens
14845: Linux only-typed text doesn't display until you press <enter> and  start
typing again
15186: Linux only: Selecting Newsgroup, Cc and Bcc fileds, widgets do not hold
but you can still type and send.
15471: Linux only - Mail/news preference window is black
8216: All platforms - Cancel news message doesn't remove it from thread pane.
15216: Linux only: Using Message|Copy  to copy a news message to a folder post
 empty subject and sender, and incorrect Date in the thread pane.
12835: All platforms - Unable to see 'Personal Address Book' upon relaunch of
Address Book in the same session.
14722: All platforms - Using Address Picker: cc field does not display
14797: All platforms - Messages sent from Unsent folder arrives with the header
and msg body in the body and in plain text format
15254: Linux only - Clicking on folder crashes after selecting Send Later
More to add to the M10 Mail/News Known issues:
bug 15085: POP/IMAP Mail: Reading consecutive messages may cause application to
hang. Consecutive reading news message also cause application to hang.
bug 14905: You may be unable to read message generated by Outlook2k and Word 9
bug 15523: Account Setup not working except on the first entry.
On 10/4 leger said:
"Linux Only:  Using File|Close menu to close a secondary browser window will
close out Apprunner application.  The workaround is to use the close box."
that's bug 15308 by the way :-)

known issues:
Win32 and Linux. Using the collapse/expand widget to collapse the three
topmost toolbars on your browser window from top to bottom(in succession)
and then trying to uncollpase them will crash the browser. bug 15489
Please add:
All Platforms: Selecting mailto: links may cause the browser to quit, bug 11883
Passwd dialogs don't correctly handle some characters on Linux.
Please add:
"On Mac Only - Apprunner closes when selecting submit on a form."

"Clicking on a mailto: link will cause an application crash."

Please add this to the list of known problems for all platforms.

For the editor:

User must click in document in order for the caret to reappear
you can remove my comment about bug 11883, lisa just posted the same thing,
different bug#
Please add the following text to this section - Limited Support Features|

Available Navigator Functionality|Various Menu Commands|Comments:

Menu commands that aren't 'hooked up' are preceded with a period.

Some Cleanup from M9 release notes:

Under the "Issues with Bookmarks and History" section:

remove all previous comments and replace with:

•Incorrect Bookmark behavior can be related to profile problems, please refer

to that section below.

•Drag&Drop is not implemented yet but you can use cut/copy/paste to manipulate

your bookmarks.
All Platforms:

Using File - Open Web Location will leading to unpredictable results and may
crash, bug 14885
All Platforms:

Selecting Edit - Wallet - Wallet Contents may cause a crash, bug 15170

All Platforms: Clicking on the Customize button may crash.
Profile Manager:
Rename and Delete buttons are not working properly for Linux and Win32

"Text typed into the mail compose window does not display right away.  You must
press the enter key for the text to show on the previous line."

Please add this to the list of known problems for the Linux platform only.

Windows Only: Double Clicking on Related Sites in the What's Related folder will
not open the URL. You may manually open the page by entering it in the URL bar,
bug 15481

To hide the sidebar, select the View | Sidebar menu item.
In the Browser section:

All platforms:  You will not be able to connect to secure sites (URL's beginning
with https://) in this release.

Downloading files via ftp is not fully functional in this release.
new release note, sorry for its so late.

users may need to remove their mozilla registries, as the format has changed.



for the details.
M10 is out the door. Shouldn't this bug be marked "fixed" and "verified" now?
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