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Reading mode should also visualize which words are read


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Reading in the Reading Mode

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Reading in the Reading Mode

Expected results:

The reading mode is really helpful. My sight is getting bad and I appreciate this feature a lot. If you could add a rapid serial visual presentation feature to the reading mode would be great.

Highlighting blocks of words in the line directly on the page. The speed should be configured in words per minute.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Summary: RSVP for reading mode → Reading mode should also visualize which words are read
Component: Untriaged → Reader Mode
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Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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I'm a little bit confused. Reader mode supports 'narrate' functionality, where the computer will read the article out loud. That highlights which word is being read. Is this what you're referring to? If not, can you explain in more detail what you're looking for?
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Yes you are correct there is a light read along marking of the current word that is being read out loud. This is great for accessibility but not necessarily for faster reading. This is not what I am referring to.

The goal of the feature is reading more quickly by supporting the eye to faster focus on blocks of the text, not single words.

It makes sense to have the ability to adjust the block size and words per minute (wpm) to make it fit your individual capabilities.

A notable example for faster reading assistance for Firefox was "Best Reader Lite", a legacy add-on.
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Bug 1371786 covers webextension access to reader mode pages, which would allow porting the add-on you mentioned. Unfortunately there are some sticky security issues to resolve, and so it might not happen very soon.

I'll keep this bug open, but realistically this isn't a high priority thing for us to work on. The number of people interested in such a tool would presumably be better-served by an add-on; add-ons today could still run readability themselves in order to clean up pages before reading them, if that was something they wanted to do.
Priority: -- → P5
See Also: → 1371786
Severity: normal → S3
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