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Steps to reproduce:

Sync bookmarks using the Sync icon in  menu.  Sync rotates, but new bookmarks not showing up on my other computer (after syncing that).  Tried several times, checked Help listings and checked settings on both computers.

Actual results:

Bookmarks from one computer did NOT show on other.

Expected results:

New bookmarks showing on both computers.
Component: Untriaged → Sync
Sorry you are having trouble with this. The log you attached shows that, for one sync, there were no bookmarks to sync. However, that doesn't tell us too much.

You could try installing the about:sync addon - This will help you see what bookmarks are on the server - so if you add a new bookmark on one device, after a sync completes, you should see it on the server - if not, then it's the device which is trying to add the bookmark that isn't working as expected. If it *does* appear on the server, then it would appear to be the 2nd device that isn't working as expected.

about:sync will also adjust your logging levels, and allow you easily attach all your logs to a bug or similar. So once you have determined which device seems to be having problems, please attach the logs from that device here and we will try and see what the issue is.
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