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Port bug 1469688 to TB: Allow reordering the precedence of installed language packs


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Bug 1469688 introduced a dialog to reorder the installed locales.
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Port of,, and,

I copied the messengerLanguages.* files from browser directory and changed all "browser" to "messenger" and adapted messengerLanguages.js to work with gAdvancedPane instead of gMainePane.

You can try with the French locale which seems to be the most complete for the ftl files.
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I few comments here:

I got some Win64 language packs from here:
I installed DE, ES, FR.

The alternatives work, holes in the DE localisation are filled by some other chosen language. I wasn't able to check the case where also the first alternative had the same hole and it would default to the second alternative.

At first, the alternatives show only en-US, only if you apply a language pack will it appear under alternatives.
Why don't all installed language packs always show up under alternatives. I've chosen DE, FR and en-US as primary languages, one after the other. They now show under alternatives, ES still doesn't show since I never applied it.

The alternatives windows opens too small after a restart, you can't see the buttons.

When I restart the session after changing the alternative, I get this in the debug console:

JavaScript error: resource://gre/modules/L10nRegistry.jsm, line 207: TypeError:
L10nRegistry.sources.get(...) is undefined, can't access property "hasFile" of it
JavaScript error: , line 0: uncaught exception: undefined

I understand this is a port, but it doesn't quite work, maybe because the original has those errors. Please check a *debug* version of FF to see whether these three problems exist there. If so, please file a bug.

Clearing the review for now. I will accept it if all those problems exist in FF. Then there is hope they will get fixed and we can follow those fixes.

You want to know a crazy thing? They implement a 1st, 2nd and 3rd fallback, but bug 
1379910 is still not done in FF :-(
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FX has the same problems:

- A language needs first applied to show in the list.
- The TypeError.

The hidden buttons I haven't seen but this can be from other influences like window size or already translated parts. I saw it also on TB when switching from English to French. But after resizing the window I don't see it.

What's also funny, on TB and FX, when you disable the language packs they are no more shown in the menulist, but still in the Alternatives dialog. And when you change the language in the dialog and restart, the menulist is empty.
I'll try to make the dialog better flexing. Actually you can make it tall and the listbox has still a fixed height.
Patch with a better flexing dialog.
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Yep, not the alternatives dialogue comes up in a good size with the buttons visible.

Have you filed the FF bug for the problems we detected? We're shipping something in beta 63 from next week that doesn't work properly :-(
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Not yet filed.
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Port bug 1469688 to TB: Allow reordering the precedence of installed language packs. r=jorgk
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> Not yet filed.
Filed bug 1488099.
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