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17 years ago
This is a requirement for the cert API. The comments in the PKI header files are
a good start, but I need deeper explanations. Essentially, the documentation for
each function should explain:

1. What the function will return, for every possible configuration of certificate
and key databases and PKCS #11 modules. Obviously you can't enumerate all
possible configurations. What I'm looking for are very precise definitions. For
example, a function to find a certificate by nickname could say "This function
will iterate across all PKCS #11 modules. On each module, it will issue a search
for all certificate objects whose CKA_LABEL attribute equals the given nickname.
The function will return a list containing all the certificates found by these

2. How the function will change the state of the certificate and key databases
and PKCS #11 modules. For example, there are currently several functions for
importing certificates in the database, and they are all subtle (if a
certificate is imported whose private key lives on a PKCS #11 hardware token,
will a copy of the certificate also be placed in cert7.db?) These sorts of
questions should be answerable by reading the documentation, without having to
read the code.
Enhancement request, Requesting new documentation.  
Severity: major → enhancement
Priority: -- → P2
Assignee: wtchang → nobody
QA Contact: wtchang → documentation
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