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Include Firefox version details in geckodriver log


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I was investigating a failure recently where the tests run against every day against a Nightly build. I had (and was able to use) the dates of the builds to determine the initial regression range, but it would be preferable to have the build identifiers or revisions of the builds in use. I intend to add some logging to the test suite so that I have this, but it occurred to me to check the geckodriver log. I didn't see anything in there, but I wonder if it might be possible?

The browser version is shown in the capabilities returned from starting a session. Could we include the build id, changeset, and branch (central, beta, etc)?
When running Marionette tests we print the following details via mozversion:

mozversion application_buildid: 20180905094656
mozversion application_changeset: d8c933c4bd25ab7bf6f53a8d9235577c6e517d01
mozversion application_display_name: Nightly
mozversion application_id: {ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}
mozversion application_name: Firefox
mozversion application_remotingname: firefox
mozversion application_vendor: Mozilla
mozversion application_version: 64.0a1
mozversion platform_buildid: 20180905094656
mozversion platform_changeset: d8c933c4bd25ab7bf6f53a8d9235577c6e517d01
mozversion platform_version: 64.0a1

I don't think we need them all but some would be indeed great to see in the log.
I generally find it pretty annoying that this is printed to stdout
when using Marionette, but I guess with geckodriver we have the
option to print this using a finer debug verbosity, which would be
fine with me.

This would involve porting the Python mozversion code to the Rust
mozversion library in testing/mozbase/rust/mozversion.
Sure. And to note the important bit we should print via info is the buildid or changeset id, so that we can match a Firefox build to a specific changeset. It will help a lot investigating JS errors by following the line numbers in the stack.
Summary: Include Firefox build details in log → Include Firefox version details in geckodriver log
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