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Move Throbber-small.gif to toolkit/crashreporter/client


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I was there, looking at a Firefox directory in my file manager while
working on bug 1079662, when I noticed the `Throbber-small.gif`
appearing first in the list, and wondering where it came from. And I
found it's there for the crashreporter UI. Fair enough.

But back when it was added in bug 404855, the file was also used for
Firefox, which is why it's taken from the Firefox theme. Interestingly,
back then, the file was duplicated in multiple themes, but was taken
from the windows theme rather than the gnome theme. Figures.

Anyways, later down the road, in bug 421595, Firefox replaced the gif
throbber with an APNG version. Then even later, bug 418003 removed the
unused gif throbber files, leaving the Windows one alone because it's
used by the crashreporter client (Makefile, back then), but
still removed the reference from the

9 years later, here we are, still using a file from the Windows theme,
that is not actually part of the Windows theme, for the Linux
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Move Throbber-small.gif to toolkit/crashreporter/client

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Thank you for the very entertaining commit message -- that's why I subscribe to this newsletter.
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Move Throbber-small.gif to toolkit/crashreporter/client. r=nalexander
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