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[wpt-sync] Sync PR 12898 - [testharness.js] Reject non-thenable values


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Sync web-platform-tests PR 12898 into mozilla-central (this bug is closed when the sync is complete).

Details from upstream follow.

Mike Pennisi <> wrote:
>  [testharness.js] Reject non-thenable values
>  [testharness.js] Reject non-thenable values
>  Previously, any test defined via the `promise_test` API would fail
>  immediately if its body returned the value `undefined`. The test would
>  *not* fail if it returned any other value. Because the motivation for
>  using `promise_test` is to track resolution with a "thenable" value
>  (i.e. an object with a "then" method), this was overly permissive and
>  allowed contributors to write tests which spuriously passed [1].
>  Update testharness.js to enforce more stringent criteria on the value
>  return by `promise_test` bodies: that it is a "thenable" value. This
>  change is incompatible with an exiting functional test, but it does not
>  effect any tests in WPT (as verified by a survey using both the Chrome
>  and Firefox browsers). Update the functional test accordingly.
>  [1] cca6b6845678d9b5f792b886f3f7045d1d2cf0a7
>  ---
>  As noted in the commit message, the current leniency recently allowed test bugs that could have been avoided.
>  Because there is no use case for a `promise_test` that does not return a thenable, I've also tried to verify that no other tests in WPT exhibit this problem. [I modified testharness.js and wptserve to log those cases, introduced an intentional infraction](54c71baa55408df584d12086b49acc5b8c7161bd), and [ran those changes through Chrome dev and Firefox Nightly on Taskcluster]( I used the new `tc-download` feature to inspect the result:
>      $ ./wpt tc-download --repo-name bocoup/wpt --ref suspicious-promise --out-dir koo --artifact-name suspicious.txt
>      $ ls koo
>      wpt-chrome-dev-testharness-4-0-suspicious.txt  wpt-firefox-nightly-testharness-4-0-suspicious.txt
>      $ cat koo/*
>      http://web-platform.test:8000/dom/events/CustomEvent.html - CustomEvent
>      http://web-platform.test:8000/dom/events/CustomEvent.html - CustomEvent
>  Since Firefox and Chrome reported the intentional infraction, I think the process is sound. Since they reported no other infractions, I don't think their are any previously-existing errors.
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[wpt PR 12898] - [testharness.js] Reject non-thenable values, a=testonly
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