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run the xperf on windows 10


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run xperf on windows10 using new run-as-administrator feature
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Bug 1490616 - Support xperf on windows 10. r=rwood

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Support xperf on windows 10. r=rwood
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\o/ Thanks Joel!
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The patch here says that the test is not useful for webrender. Can you elaborate on why that is? According to the description at it sounds like it could be relevant for webrender, because on startup webrender will potentially read stuff from the disk that is different than the non-webrender codepath, and so the test might catch things that are not tested anywhere else.
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I don't know why I added that comment, I suspect it was a copy from another platform definition as that exact string shows up 3 times in talos.yml.

:kats, if you want to run it on win10-qr, please file a bug and we can look at it.  It should be a simple fix, just a single line and a try push- maybe a few extra files to whitelist.
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Today, Windows xperf is running reliably, but it is running as tier 1 on some platforms (Windows 7 opt, Windows 7 shippable, Windows 10 opt) and as tier 3 on others (Windows 10 shippable, Windows 10 qr opt, Windows 10 qr shippable). Could the tier 3 ones be run at tier 2 or tier 1, to get the benefits of sheriffing? Or, could any of these tasks be disabled? (Just let me know -- I'm happy to land patches to modify configuration.)

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it should be tier-1 everywhere- I would question if we need it on both opt and shippable, but for now that is ok IMHO.

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Yeah, we want -qr jobs on windows to be at parity with non-qr, so if they're tier-1 on Windows 10 opt, then they should be tier-1 on Windows 10 QR opt. The shippable variants can run at tier 2 or tier 1, I don't have an opinion on that, as long as we use the same for QR and non-QR.

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