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After Bug 1490765 replace with moz.configure stuff


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Thunderbird 64.0


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After Bug 1490765 the in mail and suite will no longer get called but according to glandium ( it can be replaced by moz.configure stuff
Depends on: 1479904, 1481067
The equivalent of Bug 1481067 needs to be done for calendar/ and mail/ to remove the *dir in (probably in Bug 
Pattern matching attempt ;-)
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Temporarily hack build. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
Hack works for SeaMonkey too. Thanks Jorg and Bill.
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Hack SeaMonkey build until fallout from Bug 1490765 is properly fixed. r=frg
Whiteboard: [Thunderbird-temporary-fix]
Assignee: nobody → rob
Ready for review? Then please ask Philipp (:Fallen).
Patch is a work in progress. It builds in my local dev environment, but fails on the try server. Just posting the patch so I don't accidentally lose my work again.
Patch is ready for review. A build completed successfully on try for linux, linux64, macosx, win32, and win64. I'm running a second build that will also run our tests.
From the conversation in Phabricator:

Fallen added a comment.Sun, Oct 7, 8:45 AM
I'm not sure we should get rid of commtopsrcdir and moztopsrcdir. When I created those initially I wanted comm-central to be very explicit about what it is referencing. Someone reading topsrcdir might assume comm-central and do the wrong thing. Can we clean up whatever subconfigure is left but keep the explicit variable names?

rjl added a comment.Sun, Oct 7, 2:47 PM
I can do that... but the way I interpreted the bug, the desire was to get rid of those variables. -
The equivalent of Bug 1481067 needs to be done for calendar/ and mail/ to remove the *dir in
Bug 1481067 is the same work as this but for the SeaMonkey code. That bug was resolved a while back, and Frank removed all of the comm* and moz* variables. For consistencies sake, we can either follow suit or convince him to update his code again.
Getting rid of is proving to be challenging.

The current problem I'm running into is setting the values for moztopsrcdir, commtopsrc, etc.  Right now those are created as environment variables in, and then are saved as AC_SUBST variables.

moz.configure is up to the task. The problem I'm having is doesn't seem to get read early enuough for moz.configure to be able to make use of it. The environment variable vales themselves are not difficult to calculate them.

This may prove to be problemtic as we're no longer workng off environmnt variables that exist prior to running configure.
While completing the migration to moz.configure, a couple of build errors came
up that may be related. This patch fixes the errors in question.

Depends on D7629
(In reply to Rob Lemley [:rjl] from comment #14)
> Successful try build last night:
> central&revision=3af15762c2b7bceccc7392aebcf51b34687cb722

Ran another try build hitting all platforms. Some unrelated(?) test failures, otherwise looks good.
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Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 64.0
Version: Trunk → 64
Landing this later today when the Windows bustage is fixed.
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replace with moz.configure. r=philipp
Build fixes for moz.configure. r=philipp
Closed: 4 years ago
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
Just an NI for myself to look into this later for suite.
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Filed Bug 1519872 as a follow-up for suite.

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