[declarative artifacts] land the manifest in-tree for Fennec nightlies



11 months ago
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(Reporter: mtabara, Assigned: mtabara)


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We need to land the manifest somewhere. Doesn't really matter where to be honest. Can be anywhere under tree/taskcluster/<here> or ANY <child>. 

Lisa's done great work in generating the manifest based on scripts so any change we want to the manifest itself, can be easily amended. Manifest can be found here[1] while the scripts to fully generate that are here[2].

Leftovers TODOs:
* polish a bit Lisa's manifest
* find a good location for that manifest (maybe poke dustin about this?)
* land it as is for now in-tree, we can iterate and improve afterwards
* might be neat to have those scripts somewhere as well. maybe land them in beetmover scripts section?

[1]: https://github.com/mozilla-releng/beetmoverscript/pull/167/
[2]: https://github.com/mozilla-releng/beetmoverscript/pull/168/files#diff-6bdc2970a6807f3c1b7ea74cc36cc25a
Summary: [declarative artifacts] land the manifest in-tree → [declarative artifacts] land the manifest in-tree for Fennec nightlies
I'll grab this. Aim is to provide the Fennec nightlies manifest and land those in one of the project branches.
Assignee: nobody → mtabara
Depends on: 1492485
Depends on: 1492494
I pushed - https://hg.mozilla.org/projects/birch/rev/67f93adb2469.

I initially was going to upload the large manifest, but then I realized there are still many unknowns, questions and things I need to think through. For that reason, I trimmed everything and started from scratch. I simplified the manifest to a bare minimum on which to make amendements on iterations. 

It's still unclear how we're going to solve some of the fields (balrog manifest by tagging, l10n ,support multiple products at once, etc). Moreover, it's still unclear where to actually place this manifest. That work is tracked in bug 1492494. For now, I placed it under taskcluster/taskgraph/manifests/declarative_artifacts.yml.

This unblocks us as it allows us to:
* start working on transforms to consume the manifest to generate the artifactMap
* test end-to-end with already-amended beetmoverscript changes (thanks again Simon for the help there!)
* resume working on prepping the birch nightlies

As we find new corner cases, we might amend the logic and redesign the manifest workflow.
For now, I realized that most of the information that was in the beetmoverscript templates was coming from the in-tree transforms anyway (via the releaseProps) so better have everything in the graph now!
Closing this now, we'll amend the manifest on the fly.
Closed: 10 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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