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Add ability to specify page_cycles and page_timeout on the command line


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When debugging or adding a new test locally we rarely want to run the test for all 5 page cycles. Currently the only way to get around this is to modify the test's ini file (and hopefully remember not to accidentally commit that change!)

Instead it would be nice if we could run ./mach raptor-test --page-cycles 1 to temporarily override the test's default. Same goes for timeout.
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:ahal, do you have updates here?  Do we want to support this, or adjust automatically with local/debug mode?
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Sorry, was hoping to do it quickly at the work week but then hit a snag and subsequently forgot about it.

I think debug mode didn't exist when I started this, but if we set the page cycle to 1 with --debug, then I agree that there aren't really any compelling use cases for adding this flag.
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we don't have a debug mode, I was wondering if that would be a better vehicle for this.
See Also: → 1470450
I think we should add a pagetimeout cmd line argument to overide what's in the test INI - even if we add a separate debug mode. I have seen on my local machine some benchmarks timing out sometimes, that finish on time in production.

Also :Gijs reported running raptor speedometer on a slower machine is timing out (and he asked if there is a cmd line arg to override).
:ahal do you have time to take this on? If not I can go ahead with a patch (I'd like to add this asap since more developers are running Raptor locally).
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Yeah I probably won't have time to look at this for awhile, so please feel free to steal it from me if you like!
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Ok, thanks Andrew
Assignee: ahal → rwood
Summary: Add ability to specify page cycles and timeout on the command line → Add ability to specify page_cycles and page_timeout on the command line
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Add ability to specify page_cycles and page_timeout on the command line; r=jmaher
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