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./mach wpt-update should "hg add" new files


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When "./mach wpt-update wpt_raw.log" creates new *.ini files for WPT failures it should "hg add" those files.  Otherwise, "hg diff" shows no changes at all which is confusing.  Also, even if you're aware of that, it's kind of tedious to find the added files manually.
If you pass --patch it will create an actual commit containing the changes. It's not the default because when it was people were upset that the command was altering the state of their VCS.

There could be an option to just stage changes I guess which in mercurial would have to add new files and assume that other chnages would be included in a subsequent commit. But given people's previous dislike of the command interacting with the VCS I'm not inclined to do that by default.
Adding a MQ patch isn't really altering the state of the VCS until
you qfinish it, but I see that --patch tries to do that by default.
That's not what I want generally - I just want a new patch added in
the queue, without qfinish.  Then it's easy to undo that with
qpop+qrm without having affected the VCS.

It seems --patch also includes a lot of junk files like
"testing/web-platform/meta/MANIFEST.json.orig" and other files
laying around.  I'm guessing it does "hg add testing/web-platform/"
or something?  It would be better if it just added the files it
created itself.
Severity: normal → S3
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