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"ImportEnterpriseRoots": false does not work


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The ImportEnterpriseRoots does not work as expected. According to the documentation both true and false values are allowed:

But it doesn't matter if you set ImportEnterpriseRoots to true or false. In both cases Firefox locks the pereference security.enterprise_roots.enabled to true.

Maybe it's not intended to set the value to false. I looked at the code and the code doesn't handle different values, it always set security.enterprise_roots.enabled to true when the ImportEnterpriseRoots policy is used. In this case the documentation is wrong. But I guess it makes sense to allow both values, as documented, to lock the setting.

First reported here:
Summary: ImportEnterpriseRoots policy is broken → "ImportEnterpriseRoots": false does not work
Hi Mike,

even if you will fix the implementation or the documentation at a later point, could you please at least clarify whether the implementation or the documentation is wrong? Because if it's work as intended and only the documentation is wrong then I have to change the option in the Enterprise Policy Generator add-on and I have to make sure that there are no migrations problems with already saved configurations. It would be a help for me to know if I have to schedule time for this.

Thank you!
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I'm definitely planning to fix this in the code, but it was written to spec originally.

I've updated the documentation.
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Allow true and false for ImportEnterpriseRoots policy. r=Felipe
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