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ARIAGridCellAccessible::ColIdx must take into account column extents of neighboring cells


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Spun off bug 1486668 comment #2 by Jamie:

There's a further issue which we may choose to address in another bug. However, I mention it here because it serves to demonstrate what's going on here behind the scenes. Consider this test case:
data:text/html,<table><tr><th colspan="2">a</th><td style="display: block;" role="cell">b</td></tr></table>
The first cell occupies 2 columns. However, notice that the second cell reports as column 2, when it should really be column 3. That's because ARIAGridCellAccessible is being used, and it doesn't account for HTML table cell colspan. To fix this one, ARIAGridCellAccessible needs to increment for column spans when it is iterating through table cells.
While working on this, and the initial bug fix being relatively easy for the NVDA use case, turns out the tests do a more thorough checking of index correlation which also needs to learn about cells having a column extent. And this touches the very code I want to move in bug 1486668, so to save myself the pain of rebasing stuff, I will wait on this bug until that other one is done.
Depends on: 1486668
Sometimes, when cells have display:block, and a different cell in the same row has a column span, our index methods did not take these into account. Also, when regular tables encounter such a cell, index calculation failed.
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Make our table index methods aware of cells spanning multiple columns, r=surkov
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