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help text for --enable-optimize/--disable-optimize is wrong


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> js_option('--enable-optimize',
>           nargs='?',
>           default=True,
>           help='Enable optimizations via compiler flags')

> $ ./configure --help
> ...
> Usage: [options]
> Options: [defaults in brackets after descriptions]
> ...
>   --disable-optimize        Enable optimizations via compiler flags

The help shows the opposite option --disable-optimize but keeps using the help for --enable-optimize
That's true for all --disable/--enable options where the default is more elaborated. That said, in this particular case, the default doesn't even vary via something else, so we could statically change it. (also, a lint for default=False or default=True might be good to have because that's kind of pointless when option('--disable-foo') is the same as option('--enable-foo', default=True)
Assignee: nobody → arai.unmht
prepared a patch, which fixes the help text with static default bool value, and also adds two help texts for non-static default value with bool.

will as review once the build succeeds on all environment
(at least ./configure --help works on macOS)
* Disallow --enable-* + default=True and --disable-* + default=False
  * added help_enable/help_disable for the case that default is function which returns bool,
    to provide help text for both case
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Fix configure help, and require providing two help strings for boolean option with non-static default.

Review of attachment 9016563 [details] [diff] [review]:

This patch is doing to many different things at once. For one, I don't think the help_enable/help_disable/help_with/help_without multiplication of options is the way to go about that. Maybe something template-y in help, or something completely automatic. Or completely removing Enable/Disable/With/Without from the help and make all help strings generic. I haven't made my mind yet.

::: python/mozbuild/mozbuild/configure/
@@ +207,5 @@
>                  elif default is False:
> +                    if not default_is_bool_func:
> +                        if prefix == 'disable':
> +                            raise InvalidOptionError(
> +                                '--enable-{name} should be used instead of --disable-{name} with default=False'.format(name=name))

I'd rather leave these checks to
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Attachment #9017465 - Attachment description: Bug 1492716 - Part 2: Add help_for_enable_disable for configure option with variable default value. r?glandium → Part 2: Add formatting rule to help text for --{enable,disable,with,without}. r?glandium
Bug 1492716 - Part 1: Stop using default=True for --enable-* or --with-* configure options. r=glandium
Bug 1492716 - Part 2: Add formatting rule to help text for --{enable,disable,with,without}. r=glandium
Bug 1492716 - Part 2.1: Support empty string in help formatting rule and fixed some more cases. r=glandium
Bug 1492716 - Part 3: Add linter for configure option with bool default. r=glandium
Bug 1492716 - Part 4: Add linter for configure option with function default. r=glandium
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