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McAfee Plugin not getting loaded with Thunderbird 60.0


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Steps to reproduce:

We have a C++(along with JS) add-on called "McAfee Anti-Spam Thunderbird extension 3". This extension is working till Thunderbird v57. However, from thunderbird 60, it has stopped working. We have checked thunderbird support links, and we also tried different ways to resolve it as in Unfortunately, our add-on still does not work. We also tried to disable string.compatibility check and extensions.checkcompability too. 

Steps to reproduce:

a. install McAfee Total protection software for Windows(you can get trail from McAfee site).
b. Install Thunderbird.
c. configure any test account on Thunderbird.
d. Go to Tools->Addons and enable McAfee Plugin, restart Thunderbird. 
e. McAfee plugin not getting loaded.

McAfee add-on does not work.  

Could you please help us in understanding what needs to be done for our add on to work?

Actual results:

McAfee add-on does not work with Thunderbird 60.0

Expected results:

McAfee Addon should be loaded as working with older versions of Thunderbird.
Group: mail-core-security
Severity: normal → major
(this isn't product vulnerability/security sensitive based on mozilla/thunderbird standards Besides, it would have stopped working over a month ago.)
Group: mail-core-security
Hi Wayne,

you mentioned about below link,but its a public group discussion and we are not allowed to proceed with this approach.
Is there any guidelines or suggestions which we can try to make our Addon work with TB 60.0?
we already tried to  disable string.compatibility check and extensions.checkcompability but that didn't work. 

As noted in the venues for developers to ask about programming issues for add-ons is
(In reply to Divya Pandey from comment #0)
> We have a C++(along with JS) add-on called "McAfee Anti-Spam Thunderbird
> extension 3".
A binary add-on? They are not supported since Firefox 41 and Thunderbird 53 any more.
Looks like my last post on the list isn't stored in the archives, so I'll quote it here:

The short answer is: yes, so-called binary add-ons are no longer supported by the Mozilla platform. It is however still possible to install the "binary component" separately. You might want to look at how Enigmail installs and communicates with both GPG and the pEp engine.

If you represent McAfee, aren't you a little late to test this? TB 60 beta became available in March 2018 ( I'd expect from a responsible developer that they follow each beta version, so you would have noticed the problem with TB 53 in April 2017 ( Oh, check this:

Unresolved: Crash due to incompatibility with McAfee Anti-SPAM add-on. Workaround: Start in safe mode and disable McAfee Anti-Spam Extension.

Sorry, nothing we can do here.
Closed: Last year
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