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mozinfo in talos cannot pick up mozinfo.json


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The problem is that I want to add some code to mozrunner that tests mozinfo properties that are pulled in from mozinfo.json.

With the absence of those properties, mozrunner raises an AttributeError when run under Talos.
Rob, any thoughts?
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(In reply to Aaron Klotz [:aklotz] from comment #1)
> Rob, any thoughts?

Sorry I don't really understand the problem, can you elaborate more please? Thanks!
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Sorry for the long delay, this kind of got buried in a massive pile of stale needinfos.

IIRC the problem was that mozinfo under Talos did not have access to mozinfo.json, so certain properties that are available in mozinfo.json are not actually available to the mozinfo instance running in Talos; querying them would just raise an AttributeError.

Flags: needinfo?(aklotz)
Severity: normal → S3
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