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DNS cache: pad very short TTLs with a grace period


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With proper support for DNS TTLs, we occasionally get responses with single-digit seconds life-times. This makes them expire from the cache ridiculously fast, and for TTL-support we don't set a grace period.

Since the non-TTL version of the DNS cache still works fine with 60 second default TTL + 60 second grace timeout, there's a strong indicator that just adding a little grace will not break Firefox for users with TTL supported DNS resolves.

I propose we set a grace for all TTLs less than a minute to pad out the cache life time to a full minute (at least). Like this:

 if (ttl < 60) {
   grace = 60 - ttl;
Whiteboard: [necko-triaged]
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Is there a way to notice that we are breaking something? Do we have some telemetry probe? If we do not have any, we should add some, e.g. maybe black-listed address rate when a record is used in grace period.
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We don't have any decent probe to measure if this breaks anything. But again: we already set a 60 second grace period to *all* DNS entries when using the native resolver on Linux and mac so if adding (up to 60 seconds) grace would be a problem, that problem would already exist in Firefox on these platforms since a few years back.

But adding some sort of counter for how many blacklisted addresses that are added while in grace period compared to non-grace could certainly be an interesting probe.

However; isn't the blacklisting basically the only current method we have to disable further IPv6 attempts for specific hosts for the cases where you resolve IPv6 addresses but IPv6 isn't working (correctly) ? If so, then I presume those blocks will drown all other blocks.
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