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16 years ago
(General Electric Global Supplier Network) uses browser-specific code that
depends on support for document.layers or document.all

You will not be able to view the sample URL I have posted, because it requires a
username and password.

I encountered the bad code in the "AP eServices" web app in the "GE Aircraft
Engines" section of the site (once again, you cant get there without a login)

The bad code seems to be involved with putting a menu-bar at the top of the
page. I viewed the site in IE 5.x and was very puzzled why they didn't just do
this menu-bar in plain-ol HTML, as it doesnt seem to pop-up, andimate, make
french-fries, or any of the other garbage that is usually associated with
document.layers/document.all style dymanic menus.

Here is a small excerpt of their javascript. The page is riddled with this sort
of detection:

if (document.layers){//check for Netscape
        divWait = window.parent.document.layers["wait"];
        divMenuBar = window.parent.document.layers["MenuBar"];
        if (typeof(divMenuBar)!="undefined"){
                divWait.visibility = 'visible';
//if IE then use this code
else {
        divWait = window.parent.document.all.item("wait");
        divMenuBar = window.parent.document.all.item("MenuBar");
        if (typeof(divMenuBar)!="undefined"){
Summary: site uses document.layers and document.all → site uses document.layers and document.all
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