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Remove 'run-on-projects' settings for *-ccov specific tests.


(Testing :: Code Coverage, enhancement)

Version 3
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This bug is to remove 'run-on-projects' references that are no longer needed, like this one:
Hi , I would like to work on it as my first issue , can you guide me how to solve this bug

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Hi Akansha, welcome! To solve this you'll have to go through the taskcluster folder to remove all run-on-projects references like the one in the description comment. This will be a good excercise for you to learn about DXR or SearchFox to search the code base:

After you find and remove all of them for *-ccov builds, you'll have to test and make sure nothing is broken. You will have to test with |mach try fuzzy --full --no-push| (with queries in '-q') and make sure that the tasks selected to run before and after applying your patch are the same.
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Hi Greg,

I'm new here and want to choose it as my first issue. Is there any PR for this one ? If not, I'm going to work on it and have discussion with you ;)
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Hi :jingjing, this bug is the "PR" for this change. You can follow the instructions in comment 2 to solve this problem.
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