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Opening menu in source window brings browser to fore


(SeaMonkey :: General, defect, P3)

Windows 98


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(Reporter: coonsta, Assigned: shuang)


I'm using M9 on MS Win 4.10.1998, and I haven't tried this on any other platforms:

Opening a menu in the view source window brings the original browser window back. It doesn't get the focus and the menu stays on top, however the source window is obscured by the browser. (The result is a menu that looks like a pop-up menu in the browser.)

Interestingly, the view source window has an active title bar (ie. blue) and the browser inactive (grey) yet the browser window is in front of the source window.

I think it may be the act of displaying the menu that causes the problem (as opposed to clicking on the menu in the first place) because if you subsequently click anywhere outside the menu (which brings the source window back, and the menu persists) and mouse-over another menu or a sub-menu (causing it to be displayed) the same thing happens again.
Closed: 21 years ago
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now that XP menus and popups in general are working properly,
this should be fixed. Reporter, feel free to reopen if you still see
the behavior in an new builds. Otherwise, I will verify soon.
marking VERIFIED per previous comments
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