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On Android O and above, add link to Android app notification settings in settings menu


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Firefox 68
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Notification channels are a new feature on Android O, so to make them more discoverable it might be helpful to put a link to Android's notification settings for our app within the "Notifications" category of our settings.
Assignee: nobody → jh+bugzilla
Jan, are you working on this? It sounds good but not a blocker, so for now I'll mark it as a P3 issue.
Priority: -- → P3
I'd still very much want to do this, but my bug queue is a bit long at the moment - might this be something that Softvision should/could look into?
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I think P3 is the right priority - unfortunately the SV team has a host of P1s and P2s ahead of this.
Flags: needinfo?(sdaswani)
This would be a nice bit of polish for Fenix. The Chrome notifications settings is much better than what we are doing. Maybe we should inform Bram about this bit of Android UI convention?
Too late to fix in 64. Marking this issue as fix-optional for 65; if you land a patch in nightly and think it's low-risk for beta, please request uplift.

We're not going to change this for now and otherwise Android Studio shows an
error for that file.

Somehow that comment ended up in the wrong file after refactoring.

Starting from Android O, more fine-grained control over which notifications
should be displayed is available through Android's notification channel system.
To aid discoverability, we add a link to the corresponding settings screen from
inside our own settings menu.

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Part 0a: Ignore private resource warning. r=VladBaicu
Part 0b: Cleanup javadoc. r=VladBaicu
Part 1: Add link to OS app notification settings. r=VladBaicu
Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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