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Mime type specific icons aren't displayed anymore for calendar attachments


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Lightning 6.2
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Mime type specific icons aren't displayed anymore for calendar attachments in summary and event dialog. E.g.

PRODID:-// Mozilla Calendar V1.1//EN
SUMMARY:Wrong resp. missing attachment icon

displayed an icon associated to application/msword in TB52 in the summary dialog and no icon in TB60. In the event dialog, in both versions the genric FF html icon with a black background color is displayed (which seem wrong, too).

When attaching documents to an email, the mime type specific icons are displayed. Have the icon resources been moved?
I have no MS Word. I see on TB 52 and 60 the default browser icon.
You mean in the summary dialog (make the calendar you have added the item to read-only to open in with that dialog)? 

That is not specific to MS Word - you can exchange the ATTACH property in the example also with



with the same result.
Ah yes. Seems to be affected by bug 1403231. Unfortunately I don't know how to fix this.
This is just an issue, if this is not a file uri.
Assignee: nobody → makemyday
This patch takes care. If the file was added using a cloud file provider, the displayed icon is still the one of the cloud provider instead of the file type - maybe we should change that to display both side by side, but that would be for another bug.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1309943
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Review of attachment 9013999 [details] [diff] [review]:

Does it make sense to DRY this code? Seems pretty much copy/paste. I think this was on purpose back then, so it remains clear it is a remote cloudfile file. I'm fine with changing this though. We should keep in mind that a wrong icon could mislead the user into opening a wrong attachment, do you think the auto detection is safe enough?
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Yes, but we should do that for the entire code for displaying attachments in the summary dialog and the event dialog. This is more then I would like to do in this bug - I have filed bug 1500013 for this.
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Fix missing or wrong attachment icons in summary and event dialog. r=philipp
Closed: Last year
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Sorry, this patch doesn't apply to c-esr60 due to the list/richlist changes. It's not a simple rebase, so I can't do it.
Attachment #9013999 - Flags: approval-calendar-esr+
What is exactly rejected when applying the patch? The ESR60 code looks quite the same to regard of this patch:
Flags: needinfo?(jorgk)
$ hg qpush
applying 1be95c892c35
patching file calendar/lightning/content/lightning-item-iframe.js
Hunk #1 FAILED at 2279
1 out of 1 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file calendar/lightning/content/lightning-item-iframe.js.rej
patch failed, unable to continue (try -v)
patch failed, rejects left in working directory
errors during apply, please fix and qrefresh 1be95c892c35

Note the changes in lightning-item-iframe.js:
ESR: listItem.setAttribute("image", "moz-icon://" + attachment.uri);
Your patch:
-            image.setAttribute("src", "moz-icon://" + attachment.uri);
+            image.setAttribute("src", "moz-icon://" + attachment.uri.spec);
The bigger change 15 lines down is worse.
Flags: needinfo?(jorgk)
Ok, that should be straight forward for backporting. What is


in cc now just needs to be 


in esr60.

The attached patch is an edited version of the cc patch since I don't have a local esr60 tree, but this should apply.
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I missed one conversion.
Attachment #9018865 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Yes, V2 applies when V1 didn't.

Generally, please get a copy of ESR60:
hg clone
We've discussed this before. Also, once you have that, it would be responsible to do a try push (same technique as for C-C) to obtain a build and verify that it is working before shipping it to 25 million people.

I let Philipp decide whether he wants to approve this.
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Feel free to ask Philipp again, but you should also do it, then.

I cannot trigger a try push, since I don't have (and likely will not have) an esr60 on this system. If you prefer to have one, please trigger it, since you already have everything applied.
Attachment #9018866 - Flags: approval-calendar-esr?(philipp)
I really don't understand what the problem is:
  hg clone
That takes ~2-3 minutes.

Anyway, I can push this to try if you let me know which platform you want. From memory you're using Windows, right?
Flags: needinfo?(jorgk)
This runs flawlessly in the build from the try push. Since Philipp approved that once and there is no issue with the patch, we can carry forward the approval.
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OK. However, we're still waiting for approval in bug 1496086 and bug 1476736 :-( - As per my post in the drivers list, I would like to wrap this up real soon now.
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Too late for 63/6.5 beta now.
Attachment #9013999 - Flags: approval-calendar-beta+
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