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Review CSS of Runtime page


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- Polish CSS of the Runtime page (currently "This Firefox")
- Make sure that the styles conform to spec (like about:preferences)
Hi Victoria,

In "about:preferences" (and its common.css stylesheet), the width of the page is hardcoded to be always the same size - this means horizontal scrolling bars if the viewport cannot fit the page and sidebar (see )
Initially we made the pages to be "elastic", so if the viewport cannot fit the page, we reduce its width (see

We are wondering which behavior we should keep: a) keep the page width the same regardless viewport size; or b) make the page width smaller if the viewport cannot fit it.

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Hi Belén,

Yes, I see what you mean, the Preferences is pretty limited in responsiveness. I love the elastic solution you came up with! Thanks for this attention to usability.
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Thanks Victoria! Will make the pages elastic PS: It was actually Daisuke who raised the issue – so kudos to him!
For the record, after Bug 1490954, the Manifest URL normally displayed for addons is completely hidden. The 664px width is too narrow for the current layout. If this will not be fixed by this bug can you please file another one.
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Refactoring RuntimeInfo component. r=ladybenko
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Referctoring for WorkerDetail component. r=ladybenko
Introduce elastic feature to RuntimaPage. r=ladybenko
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